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Training for rapid ROI

We offer live classroom style Training for the following solutions






Fusion 360

Manufacturing Automation

On staff developers are ready with the industry knowledge and development skills to automate your existing processes.

We can examine your current processes and craft a solution that automates repetitive tasks or create a streamlined workflow for novice users

Machine Interfacing

With an industry leading staff we equipped to handle machine interfacing such as custom post processor development, robotic interfaces, EDM Sinker Scripting.

Whether the machine is a 3-5 Axis mill or Lathe. Even more exotic 16+ Axis Robotic cells, or DED Additive/Hybrid machines.

Technical Support

Technical support is necessary to not only meeting expectations of your customer but is critical to meeting the tight deadlines that are commonplace and expected.

We offer live phone support with phone number, as well as utilizing collaborations tools such as TeamViewer, Zoom & Office360 / Teams.

Reduce setups & tooling costs

One of the biggest reasons 5-axis machining is so prevalent is machine setup. Parts often have complex geometries that don’t easily lend to 3 Axis operations. While many of the parts might be possible without five axes, you’d have to continuously refixture your part. In other words, you could only machine one section of that part, take it off, refixture it, and machine your next section, and repeat.

DED Metal Additive

Solutions for Direct Energy Deposition (DED) Metal Additive. Unlike powder bed metal additive DED requires the programming specifics similar to CNC programming, and in many cases require robotic simulation and post processing

Reduce manual polishing

Making parts that are more like “Jewelry” than a machined part part requires expertise and control. Simply making a toolpath is not enough. A different approach and level of expectation from your programming is required. Which is having expert level CAM software is part of the requirement to achieve these results.

Automate electrode creation

Integrated design, manufacturing and inspection suite for faster, more reliable production of copper or graphite electrodes for EDM Sinkers. From design automation to offline program the EDM Sinker to avoid human error. Electrode helps reduce learning times and support costs, whilst helping you create high quality finished electrodes.

Remain competitive in mold & die

Mold making can be challenging due to the complexity and demand for quality. Explore these resources for tips and techniques to overcome the challenges in this extremely competitive environment. 

Reduce weight & material costs

3D printing processes can employ a hollowed honeycomb structure when printing a part, maintaining rigidity while using less material than casting or machining. Even more significant is that, for the first time, engineers have more control over the internal structure of a product.

Large format through CNC Robotics

Robotics are a great application for large format parts as well as many otherwise manual process like,

Sculpting stone and wood, Machining foam and resin

Trimming and deburring, Linishing and grinding

Generative Design

Generative design is a design exploration process. Designers or engineers input design goals into the generative design software, along with parameters such as performance or spatial requirements, materials, manufacturing methods, and cost constraints

“Done in One” (Setup)

Leveraging modern multi-task machining centers like “Turn/Mill” machines that extend the functionality of a 2 Axis (XZ) Lathe to be able to better support “Done in One” manufacturing. The right solution is more important than ever. To be profitable having the right solution is critical for these machines.

Automate part setup

Leveraging Adaptive Part Alignments it is possible to reduce setup times. This is especially valuable for large format parts where it is unrealistic to “nudge” the part into alignment. Also for composite parts where the shape is impossible to align to the machine as there are not straight edges.

Collaborative Manufacturing

Manufacturing has changed. So should your tools. Eliminate your disconnected product development process. Unify design leveraging connected cloud technology. Collaborate on engineering, electronics, and manufacturing in a single cloud platform. Make quality parts, faster.

Cylinder Head Porting

Cylinder Head Porting is a highly specialized application where specific tools are required. Having a robust tools tools beyond “Automatic” that can very quickly generate required programs is critical to remain competitive and profitable.

Powder Bed Additive (AM)

3D printing processes can employ a hollowed honeycomb structure when printing a part, maintaining rigidity while using less material than casting or machining. Even more significant is that, for the first time, engineers have more control over the internal structure of a product.

Smart Manufacturing Trends

Leading the way to smart manufacturing 

Autodesk is driving the development of future design and manufacturing technology to help you accelerate product development and deliver superior customer experiences.

The Industry 4.0 Reference Factory Is the Future

Learn how new digital technologies are changing manufacturing, and what these new technologies can do for smaller companies.

Manufacturing and the Internet of Things ( IoT)

In manufacturing, IoT enables businesses to improve both the top and bottom lines. Manufacturing leaders need to understand the opportunities and challenges presented with IoT.

Smart Manufacturing Automotive

Learn how manufacturers can utilize advanced techniques to overcome the industry’s toughest challenges. 

Industry Partner Showcase

In order to provide the most complete manufacturing solutions, DSI partners with several industry partners. Each of these companies is recognized as a leader in their unique industries.  These partnerships enable DSI to understand the varied challenges facing today’s manufacturing companies, as well as helping our customers to embrace tomorrow’s manufacturing innovations.

Diversified Machine Systems

3/5 Axis Gantry Routers

3/5 Axis Hybrid Metal Additive 

3/5 Axis Hybrid Polymer additive


Robotic Solutions is a unique company that specializes in customizing your robotic milling needs. From foam to stone, we’ve got you covered


High-performance layout and model making machines developed for the needs of design studios


Machining applications, including multi-axis turning and machining, both large and small, all across Canada


Machinery and systems for the machining of composite materials, aluminum, plastic, glass and stone

OSG Cutting Tools

OSG is a leading manufacturer of taps, end mills, drills, and indexable cutting tools. OSG’s extensive line of high technology cutting tools

Be Additive Manufacturing

DED Additive technology is ideal for repairing components, adding features to existing parts or building near net shape parts

Midwest Engineering

MWES offers custom turnkey automated welding systems for a variety of capability ranges and weld processes depending on your metal fabrication needs

Single Source Technologies 

SST is your one source for machines, tooling and EDM supplies, engineering services, application support and customer service.


High Speed CNC machines optimised for the highest possible performance in respect of precision, surface quality and dynamics