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Design and Software International (DSI) was founded in 1992 to provide technology and related services to manufacturing industry. Over the years the products and services we provide has adapted to the meet needs of the industry. Today Design and Software is recognized as an Autodesk Gold Partner and is the only Autodesk Gold Partner who specialize exclusively in the manufacturing industry and related solutions. Due to the vast manufacturing knowledge and expertise offered by DSI this translates into the highest quality of service and superior solutions we provide.

The beginnings of Design and Software started in a machine shop, where the founder Jim Caliguri was a second generation pattern maker for the foundry industry. This included making complex 3D shapes using traditional manual methods. As the industry started to evolve away from manual methods and into automation using what is known as CNC (Computerized Numerical Controls), the eventual need was to begin programming these machines “offline”, using Computer Software referred to as CAM Software (Computer Aided Manufacturing). Having an early exposure to these new technologies and gaining a mastery of CAM and computing at the time. This gave birth to Design and Software, where Design and Programming began offering Design services as well as providing the Software for manufacturing companies to adopt this new technology.

From the beginning Design and Software is a service-oriented company offering complete solutions.

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