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Electrode Automation

Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing

  • Automation for creating the CAD model of the Electrode
  • Electrode wizard create the proper script to offline program the sinker
  • Generate proper documentation automatically and seamlessly

Autodesk Electrode

  • Create Solid Model of the burn region
  • Optimize carbon consumption thru auto orientation to predetermined available blank sizes
  • Visualize and collision checking to ensure proper extensions have been applied
  • Optimize and visualize electrode holders for both machining processes and Sinker holders
  • Generate script to offline program EDM Sinker to avoid costly human error
  • Seamlessly pass Electrode and designated machining holder to CAM
  • Identify burn regions and extension faces to ensure proper machining automation
  • Generate setup sheets for proper documentation for both CNC programmer and EDM operator
OPS Ingersoll

Autodesk and OPS Ingersoll partnered to automate the design, manufacture, inspection, and EDM burning of copper and graphite electrodes. Hear how integrating software and hardware helps OPS avoid costly mistakes.





Electrode Inspection

Creating and machining Electrodes is only part of the process. Inspecting the electrode is equally important and seamless with Autodesk Manufacturing solutions

Easy dedicated workflow

Leveraging modern direct solid modelling, creating electrodes becomes a more linear process for both simple and complex burn regions.


  • Create the burn region
  • Apply extension
  • Apply EDM holder
  • Designate Machining Holder
  • Generate EDM Sinker burn location
  • Generate proper shop floor documentation
Electrode Manufacturing

Autodesk Electrode seamlessly integrates with PowerMILL software for manufacturing electrodes to apply a template based approach for easy automation that can be setup and customized at the user level.