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Autodesk Robot

Key features

  • Conceptualize robotic processes
  • Validate mechanical designs
  • Avoid costly mistakes and manufacturing bottlenecks
  • Validate and optimize cycle times
  • Automatically change end-effectors with flexible offline toolpath programming
  • Reduce costs of change with early detection and communication of product design issues
  • Reduce risk of production changes late in implementation
  • Reduce planning time through automatic sequencing and validation tools

PowerMill Robot is used for

  • Sculpting stone and wood
  • Machining foam and resin
  • Trimming and deburring
  • Laser plasma cutting
  • Laser cladding
  • Linishing and grinding

PowerMill Robot provides powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tools for off-line programming of robots, simplifying the optimization of robotic paths and simulating virtual mock-ups of complete manufacturing cells and systems.






Control, refine and monitor the robot’s movements using advanced 3D simulation tools, including axis limits, priorities and workplane constraints.

PowerMill Robot 

is used for

Program your robot, including its external axes, as quickly and easily as you would a 5 axis machine tool.


  • Robots holding spindles for tool-to-part applications.
  • Eliminate lengthy ‘teach and learn’ methods
  • Increase the working area of robots by using external axes

Analyze the robot’s behavior and movements throughout the operation, to get complete control of the tool orientation around the workpiece.



Robotic Solutions

Robotic Solutions created this CNC Milling cell with a 7-axis Kuka robot system. This robot cell is sculpting a bust of Beethoven from a foam block using the turntable to access all areas of the workspace.



Merlin Magic Making

The creative team at Merlin Magic Making produces attractions for theme parks such as LEGOLAND, Madame Tussauds, and the London Eye. The team uses a robot to mechanize its production and speed up delivery times.

Robotic Solutions

Robotic Solutions is a company that can create a custom solution to your automation need. This video shows a number of applications from milling, plasma cutting, material handling, plastic trimming, and mold making.



Guy Martin Design

PowerMILL Robot allows Guy Martin Design, Ltd to think as craftsmen, providing precision and tolerances good enough for everything from aerospace projects to movie props.




GRC Environments

GRC Environments use PowerMILL Robot to sculpt architectural shapes with a Kuka robot






Artem are specialists in one-offs and unusual builds for the creative and film industries. A combination of PowerMILL Robot and Autodesk Maya enables Artem to turn their clients dreams into reality using a 7-axis Kuka robot.


CNC Polystyrene

CNC Polystyrene have benefited from investing in new robotics technologies such as Delcam PowerMILL Robot and an ABB IRB 6640 robot to produce huge sculptures for the London Olympic Games, retail stores such as Ann Summers, Harrods, Gap and Harvey Nichols, and numerous film and TV sets

Obomodulan 652

Milled from modelling plastic Obomodulan 652, the ‘upset lady’ was programmed with PowerMILL Robot using a Kuka KR-150 robot





Lithias stone sculptures

Lithias stone sculptures in France used PowerMill Robot to cut Gaston the dog from Tunisian marble.